Prevent male pattern baldness and rejuvenate your hair?


Male pattern baldness, which can develop in males after puberty. As a plant that acts on such male pattern baldness, "saw palmetto" is attracting attention.

Saw palmetto is a palm plant that lives in southeastern North America, and has saw-shaped leaves of about 40 cm ~ 1 m, and is characterized by being strong and long-lived.

In this article, we will introduce saw palmetto, which is said to be effective for male pattern baldness.

Effects and effects of saw palmetto

Saw palmetto is said to have the effect of suppressing male hormones and is used as a supplement to prevent hair loss and thinning.
In addition, the efficacy of saw palmetto has been known to the Indians of North America since ancient times, and it has been used for nourishing tonic and diuretics.

Currently, it is expected to have various effects such as prevention and improvement of benign prostatic hyperplasia, suppression of prostatitis, and improvement of frequent urination and urinary leakage.

Main effect of saw palmetto 1: Improvement of thinning hair

There is an enzyme called 5α-reductase that converts the male hormone (testosterone) into a more potent male hormone (dihydrotestosterone).

5α-reductase is often found in the sebaceous glands of the scalp and is known to cause male pattern baldness by weakening hair matrix cells. Saw palmetto has the function of suppressing 5α-reductase and is said to be effective in preventing hair loss.

In the United States and Europe, saw palmetto is familiar as an ingredient in hair growth products.

The main effect of saw palmetto 2: improvement of prostate enlargement

The aforementioned 5α-reductase is also the cause of prostate enlargement, and it is said that it is made in more people who have active secretion of male hormones in adolescence.
The function of suppressing 5α-reductase in saw palmetto also plays a role in the treatment of enlarged prostate.

In addition, the decline in the function of the prostate gland contributes to the decline of energy and sexual function, but it is said that ingestion of saw palmetto can be expected to restore those functions.

When does it take effect?

Although there are individual differences, it is said that the effect can be expected by continuing to take it for 2~3 months.
Eating a balanced diet, exercising moderately, and living a healthy life will be a shortcut.

Precautions when taking saw palmetto

In order not to take it in the wrong way, it is important to understand the points when taking it.

Avoid overdose

Saw palmetto is a natural material, so it is said that side effects are unlikely to occur, but it is necessary to be careful because excessive consumption can put a burden on the body and make you sick. It is generally said that the intake of saw palmetto supplements is 1~200mg per day.

Be sure to follow the dosage and dosage indicated on the product. If you experience any side effects, stop taking it immediately and consult a doctor.

Be careful with your drinks

As with any medication, saw palmetto should be given with caution in combination with other medicines. If you are currently taking any medication, please check with your doctor before taking it.

Be especially careful if you are taking the following medications.

Anti-blood clotting and antiplatelet agents

When used in combination with saw palmetto supplements, it may further promote blood circulation in the body. It is said that it is difficult to stop bleeding when bleeding, so you need to be careful.

Oral contraceptives and hormone therapy

If used in combination with saw palmetto supplements, oral contraceptives and hormone therapy may be less effective, so consult your doctor if you need to take them.

The best time to drink

The best time to take saw palmetto is generally no more than 30 minutes after meals, in the morning and evening. After meals, digestive enzymes are often released, so the active ingredients of saw palmetto are easily absorbed.


In addition to male pattern baldness, saw palmetto can be expected to have the effect of improving men's problems such as enlarged prostate and decreased sexual function.

Saw palmetto, which is said to have few side effects, can also make you sick if you take too much. Keep in mind that there are some points to be aware of when taking it, such as side effects due to overdose, and try to take saw palmetto supplements safely.