is based on WMO's support, committed tobecoming a well-known platform 

network in the field, providingindustry-university research information worldwide, and 

integrating researchinstitutions to empower the field of medicine.Its brands,

and, are world-oriented medical platforms, whose strength is that they

are accessed daily by people in the field of medicine from all over the world via the 

Medicine keyword.

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Our Goal

Dedicated to become a famous world medical network.

Our Mission

To build an international, professional and digital medical information service platform, 

provide the latest news, cutting-edge technology and industry-academia-research 

information worldwide, accelerate industry exchanges, train talents, and empower the 

medical industry, so as to better promote the rapid development of the world's medical 


Our Positioning

1. Suitable for people: doctors, researchers, students, enterprises, hospitals, research 

institutions, as well as patients and healthy people;

2. High-level operation: a digital software and hardware service platform operated by 

many world's high-level medical doctors, and a streamlined and efficient management 

model through leading management and digitalization tools;

3. Frontier technology: Keeping up with the medical frontiers, including the world's new 

drugs, the world's high-end medical technology, and the latest progress of new 

technology research;

4. High-level talents: gathering, cultivating, selecting, rewarding and financing the world's 

outstanding leading talents in medical science and technology;

5. Highly Focused: Highly focused human, financial and material resources in selected 

development areas.

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Updated: Nov 16, 2023