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In today's technological development, the rapid development of digital health care, medical 3D simulation and interactive technology has gradually become an important tool in the medical field, medical 3D simulation not only provides a new 3D perspective to help doctors to observe and understand the human body, but also for doctors and patients to provide a more efficient means of medical treatment. Mixed reality MR is expected to improve the future of work. Currently, most research and development work require many physical tools, including the creation of models and more.


Imagine the use of 3D animation to observe the structure of human organs and tissues, can better help doctors understand the process of disease development, such technology not only makes medical knowledge become more intuitive, but also makes the complex medical process easier to understand.Typical application scenarios include: Health and Wellness, Professional Training, Clinical Interventions and Clinical Diagnosis.

1. Disease diagnosis

3D simulation technology can help doctors obtain more accurate image data and quantitative analysis when diagnosing diseases and formulating treatment plans, so as to improve the accuracy of diagnosis and treatment effects.



2. Rehabilitation

Medical 3D simulation technology can provide personalized training programs for rehabilitation therapy, helping patients to restore physical function and social adaptability.


3. Medical Education

Through 3D simulation technology and 3D mixed reality technology, doctors can provide diagnosis and treatment recommendations for patients in a remote environment, but also can be used for remote teaching of medical students, used to help students to practice clinical skills, to help medical students better grasp the relevant knowledge.



In the future, with the continuous progress of computer technology and image processing technology, medical 3D simulation technology will be more accurate and realistic, providing more accurate guidance for medical workers. At the same time, with the continuous development of artificial intelligence and machine learning technology, medical 3D simulation will be more intelligent, able to automatically identify and judge the condition, providing medical workers with more intelligent, efficient and accurate diagnosis and treatment services, and making greater contributions to the cause of human health. 

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